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Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.

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Gianni Tsiknas - undiscovered poet

A poem written to pretty lights

My first attempt at rap, or call it poetry, or call it garbage … Just a shot in the dark. Rap over dubstep glitchhop preview of the future, LYRICS BELOW

World may I hug you
Everyday I tug you
For warm embraces
Doors to staircases
You say I play High
Judge me, Say I
Fuck me
May I, Love you

What do I want
A world that’s free
That lets me breathe
Living Lucidly
Overcoming cruelty
Not Living Dually.

Like Wayne, I’m Me
Like Bain, I’m Pissed
Blind Pain, I’m LIT

Anger is our power
Gather it’s our hour
We’ll make them cower
We’re not them cowards
Send the game flowers
I’m killing it dead
Like J. Holiday, I’m putting this shit to bed.

Just mastered all my game
First ballot hall of fame
So I flipped it
Just to kick it
Get a ticket
to my secret
As i kick it
With my bitches
Kick the bitches
to the curb
To go absurd, with words.
Meaning I’m a nerd
A free bird
High on a third
A Turret
Shooting blind, MY mind
A metaphorical 9

Mr King had a dream
As long as I sing
I feel his beams
My raps, true feelings
Like Wayne, No Ceilings
You think you can mimic what I write
You think I’m a gimmick cause I’m white
YOU’LL miss the chance for blue pills
Living individuals
Spiritual upheaval,
spilling from inked quills

As you sink into my fantasy
You’ll be Greeted with CLOSED HANDS.


Check out the video here:

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